About us

Midwest Marketing Associates, Inc. was created with one goal in mind…to find and provide the best quality insurance plans for our clients.

Our philosophy is simple: “Treat every client as if they are a member of our family. If it’s not a good plan for a member of our family then it’s not a good plan for our client.”

With more than 70 agents, Midwest Marketing Associates, Inc. is one of the largest agencies in the Midwest.

We are uniquely qualified to offer some of the best insurance products on the market and are constantly searching for ways to improve the services we offer. From Health Insurance to Life Insurance, Hospital Indemnity Plans to Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Plans, we work with our clients to identify their needs and find the plans best suited to fit their needs.            

                            Who is Midwest Marketing Associates?

Executive Team

Gary Berke, President & CEO,
Marketing & Recruiting

Tricia Kaye, Vice President,
Sales & Training

Kirk Anderson, Vice President,
Compliance & Certification

Melissa Anderson, Vice President,
Finance & Operations

Roger Lund, Director,
Sales Operations & Agent Support

Melanie Smiley, Office Manager,
Commissions & Accounting

Maren Mercer, Admin,
Agent Services

Danielle Phillips, Admin,
Agent Services

Ann Clabon, Vice President,
Sales, St. Louis

Jan Booton, Office Manager,
Admin, St. Louis